Nayarit 2014

About Me

Hi! I am Christina. I grew up in San Francisco and have lived between the Bay Area and Southern California my entire life. I have a *day job* in social media and have had a corporate career for 12 years. I also travel quite a bit (surprise, surprise!). I started Shimmer Vault in 2014 more as a visual diary of my travels and experiences than anything else. Today, my primary goal for Shimmer Vault is to share these experiences so other eager travelers can both get inspired and help me broaden my horizons, as well! Now, a bit about me:


  • Wild AND domestic life, particularly puppies
  • Sustainably crafted/sourced goods with a luxurious feel
  • A beautiful bathroom
  • Bold oil paintings
  • Long meals with good wine and conversation

5 year dream experience list:

  • Visit South America
  • Sky dive
  • Learn to drive manual / race a car
  • Run at sunset in the Yucatan (Oct. 2015)
  • Visit Iceland

I fund all my own travel and am able to do so due to very low living expenses (thanks, Mom & Dad, for welcoming your grown kids into your home!), I am blessed to have a job that encourages personal growth and exploration. All photography is original and my own.

Email me at I want to hear your feedback! I also love to help promote new and growing brands and services. Let’s partner.

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