Marin Under Wraps

Sooo I resisted NorCal pretty hardcore when I moved back to San Francisco after 6 years in LA. The 70-degree, pool-ridden mecca's allure hadn't yet faded for me. As a result, I wasted a lot of time my first year back, traveling back to LA often and thus missing out on the Bay Area's many adventures and explorations. One of these is Nick's Cove, a collection of shabby chic yet luxuriously furnished and equipped cottages right along Tomales Bay. My friend, Christie, first told me about this gem - so I decided to escape for the weekend with brother and Bear in tow.

I couldn't head north without stopping by Buena Vista Winery.  I'm typically the worst at wine club pick-ups, but I LOVE visiting BV! Their grounds are absolutely stunning, and the entire space is pup-friendly. Buena Vista, founded in 1857 and touting the crown of the first premium winey in the Golden State, claims my favorite staple bottles. I love their Pinot Noirs, but our universal favorite is The Sheriff.  A combo of Petite Sirah, Syrah, Petit Verdot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Grenache, it's amazing both with a steak or salmon or on its own. Needless to say, we stocked up before heading to Nick's.

While the interior of our cottage was absolutely beautiful and well thought through (the bathroom floors are heated!), my favorite part of the grounds was the shack at the end of the pier right by the restaurant. It's public property, so the restaurant is technically unable to serve patrons in there, but we were free to bring cocktails into the shack. It's comfortably furnished and looks out onto the bay. Audio hook-ups let us rock our iTunes beats while we enjoyed our Manhattans. Oh, and the Bear was able to hang out :)

While we were there on a rainy weekend, the skies started to clear on our way back home.

Detour off 101 on the way back to the city. Just a lil flight.

#TheresNoPlaceLikeHome, even after a weekend at Nick's Cove.

•   •   •


Nick's Cove offers two types of cottages: waterfront cottages and water view cottages (12 total!). From what I saw, you cannot make a wrong choice. The waterfront options cost substantially more than those with a water view, so take a good look at each cottages description and pictures before picking yours. (When we stayed there, they ran $749 and $349, respectively. We stayed in Uncle Andy's Cottage and LOVED it.) Also note that not all are pup-friendly, so make sure to check for that in the description!

Lagunitas was the perfect detour en route home. (It's also just east of 101 where we'd normally head south back to SF.) The taproom opens at 11:30 on weekends. Arrive by noon to get yur choice table. The outdoor space is covered in cooler months and is also welcomes our canine friends.