Beauty Blast: Spring Cleaning

Cleaning my brows, pores & muscles, that is! I was SO pumped to have all three tended to this week and even more excited to highlight two of my favorite specialists and a spa I'd not visited before.

My dear friend and brow guru Erin Dupree founded Savera Salon 8 months ago. I started seeing Erin when I moved back to SF 3 years ago and haven't looked back. This woman's an artist - you can see the skill both in how she's designed her workspace and the product of her livelihood.

I committed to growin' 'em brows thicker, which resulted in a few awkward weeks where I felt rather unkempt. All better, now.

Next, onto Shari Spakes' Pacific Heights-based sanctuary specializing in skincare. I met Shari right out of college when looking for an aesthetician and read amazing write-ups on Miss Spakes. Everything she does is custom based on your skin type and condition(s). No menus. No fuss. Just the eye and assessment of a pro. Shari operates out of her beautiful Pacific Heights Skincare space and also operates SF Skincare to make tested & proven products available to clients online. I've turned several people onto Shari's genius, and they're long-term converts.

I rounded out this nurturing little streak with a Dosha massage at Nob Hill Spa at the Huntington Hotel. I'd long heard about this oasis in the heart of the city and was just blown away - both by the serene setting and stunning views from the hill on which the hotel's perched. I also learned about this Ayurvedic style of massage, which focuses on one or more of 3 energies (Doshas) that circulate the body, driving our energy. Just the tip of the iceberg for my Ayurvedic education, but I came away feeling relaxed and refreshed.

•   •   •


In addition to eyebrow excellence, Savera Salon offers waxing and tinting, truly making Erin's center of expertise a one-stop shop. I'm there every 3-4 weeks for a brow fix - this keeps 'em groomed and clean without ever getting crazy. At $25+ tip per visit, it's a bargain of a beauty deal.

Shari's 100% customized facials fall in the $145 range, depending on the treatment. She also books several weeks in advance, so plan ahead! I got into a solid, 6-week cadence. Shari also constantly tests new products that she will sell out of her space or SF Skincare. She's turned me onto long-time staples, like Jan Marini and Colorscience - both lines that have made a tremendous difference in my skin (anti-aging, discoloration). Last but not least, check Shari's blog for skincare updates, tips and tricks.