Basque-ing in Biarritz

My dear friend and mentor told me about a magical place called Biarritz he and his wife visited in the south of France. The Côte d'Azur holds a special place in my heart, so I was keen so explore a new region along the country's coast. Biarritz is a stunning seaside town in France's Basque Country along the Bay of Biscay.

Biarritz's own Miremont chocolatier

The cobblestone, pedestrian-friendly streets of Biarritz were incredibly charming and lined with what seemed like endless picture-perfect storefronts. We stayed at the lovely Hôtel de Silhouette, which was just a minutes-long walk from restaurants, shopping and cafes.


Train ride from Paris into Basque Country.

Peeking at the Bay

Walking into town you overlook the bay and can peek at its view in between the amazing French architecture. It's in Biarritz's main "town" that I first discovered Girbaud.

Bay of Biscay

Bay of Biscay - one of the most peaceful and serene settings I've witnessed.

From San Sebastian onto Biscay

As an avid Hemingway fan, I couldn't visit the region without visiting San Sebastian.

Paries Chocolatier

Closing with another gratuitous chocolatier storefront in town.

•   •   •


Stay. We LOVED the Hôtel de Silhouette, and I'd soon stay there again. The location is fantastic, walking distance to anywhere you'd like to go. Remember Biarritz is a small town. We got an advanced purchase rate for under €200 per night. Want to splurge? Book Hôtel du Palais. Want to split the diff? Enjoy high tea aka expensive champagne at the lounge at the Palais, instead.

Shop. I repeat, Marithé + François Girbaud. Chocolate galore between Miremont, Paries and others. It was also here I discovered Paris-based lingerie line Princess Tam.Tam.

SavorCafe Victor for the best pork chop I've ever had. Chez Albert for amazing sardines. There was a bar just down the street from our hotel that I think has since closed down. Needless to say, reasonable nightlife is available for you owls.