#BackToSchool: Deep Dish Edition

I'd talked about life BS - Before School - in the past, but I had no idea how quickly the pre- and post- periods would differ so drastically until I got onto my plane last Saturday to return to California. I was in Chicago to start my Masters program for all of 8 nights and feel reinvigorated, inspired and humbled.

River-Lake View

This view from the river walk looking out onto the lake perfectly depicts my experience. I went into my first week of grad school nervous, terrified and thinking I had signed myself up for failure. I emerged energized and more excited about my life's possibilities than I'd ever imagined possible. The clouds I projected onto my situation quickly broke apart with undeniable sunshine. Because I don't want to be a grad school blogger, this entry will be a gratuitous ode to the Windy City's beauty.

Chicago Booth's Gleacher Center

Where my brain and grit will be ultimately tested.

River Walk View

Morning workout river views.

Bridge view

Looking out onto Michigan Avenue. Fun fact: the Trump penthouse sold for $17 million late last year after being on the market for several years.

Windy City Skies

I'd never experienced weather more erratic than we did that week. We experienced a variance (that's right, I'm fresh on my calculus) of about 25 degrees throughout the week, including shifts from severe humidity to chill familiar to my San Francisco blood.

River-Lake view: evening edition

This view never got old.

Chicago cityscape

Windy City charm.

Chicago street stroll

Along my classic Irish exit stroll home after a night with my classmates and admissions staff.

Chicago lake views

We concluded our kick-off week with a cruise along Lake Michigan.

Lake Michigan view part 2


U of C's Rockefeller Memorial Chapel

Rockefeller Memorial Chapel on the University of Chicago campus - where my class graduates in 2017.

Landing @SFO