A Taste of Austin

Everyone LOVES Austin. I had the pleasure of visiting Texas’s “Weird City" for work and of course budgeted time for a few must-sees/-dos. I can see the city’s appeal - it’s a great mix of southern charm and a progressive culture.

I stayed in mansion-turned-student-housing-turned-hotel, Hotel Ella. I especially loved the decorative Chanel bag garden piece and the columns. My room was what seemed to be a converted attic - which was super cozy.

I strolled down to West 6th and hit Benji’s, known for their tequila/mezcal and carne asada. The sweetheart bartender made me concoctions my smoky-loving palate would love. I walked back up to Ella and passed a few southern gems. [#OnlyInTexas]

No visit is complete without at least an attempted vintage drive-by. I trekked up to Blue Velvet, where I procured this 80s era winner. I can’t help but picture Michelle Pfeiffer circa Scarface every time I see it. I’m confident I’ll figure out the appropriate setting to debut this bad boy.

I’d love to return to Austin and better get to know the city. This was a great appetizer.