Perfectly Portland

My best friend from childhood lives in Portland, and every time I visit her, or travel there for work, I’m reminded by how idyllic the city is. To this SF native, it’s a cleaner, safer, more easily navigable version of my hometown. I spent a long weekend bonding with Karen and enjoying a perfect Portland weekend.

I love starting my days with a coffee from Extracto, a hipster’s coffee dream. Karen and her husband, Ian, own a lovely house in PDX’s Alberta Arts District in the NE region. The porch swing above captures the country-esque coziness of their home. Lower left above show Ian working with a group of students at his non-profit, My Voice Music, which teaches under-privileged kids music and collaboration in its creation.

We kicked off one day with drinks at Landmark Saloon in the budding shopping & dining mecca spanning Clinton and Division streets. We sat on the patio and mixed mixed drinks to obtain our ideal concoctions.

Afternoon cocktails and oysters at The Woodsman Tavern. Karen braved and enjoyed a pickleback - a shot of Irish whiskey coupled with a shot of pickle brine. I stuck to the bourbon :)

We wrapped the weekend with tacos at Por Que No and bourbon & beer pairings at StormBreaker Brewing.