Beauty Blast: Desert Influence

I love being a girl. And one of my favorite outcomes of quality girl time is learning about fun new products. Current top 3 picks include:

Hourglass's oil-free Immaculate foundation yields a powder-like finish like no other. It’s light, looks so natural and gives the skin a healthy glow. Two key tips I got about this product are to 1) use a primer and 2) apply a CC cream or tinted moisturizer before applying Immaculate (I like Clinique’s Moisture Surge). I like to finish it with my tried-and-true Jane Iredale PurePressed powder.

I am a Nars blush die-hard and have used Sin for 8 years. I was stoke to discover Oasis, my all-time fave’s slightly more shimmery and lighter sibling of a similar tint. Perfect for summer!

The best move I ever made after 2am in Vegas was randomly snagging this bad boy at The Cosmopolitan's satellite of Amsterdam-based Skins 6|2 Cosmetics. This cream shimmer shadow in Feather is awesome both by itself and underneath color as almost a base. Fortunately, LA-based Jouer products are easy to find (I replenish through Birchbox and am on my my third refill in 3 years.)