Boudoir-eno, Part I

I underestimated my love for a boudoir until I found myself spending more time in mine than any other room in my house. I’ve even found myself working-from-closet on light meeting days. Exhibit A:

I’ve been intent on maximizing this (by SF standards, generous) space. Hanger rod? Check. Chests of drawers? Double check. Shelves above the rod suffice in housing my foot candy. My biggest challenge has been jewelry storage, which I find can be tricky. I love the idea of displaying jewelry, as our baubles are surely beauties, but jewels on display are in the red on my clutter-meter.

Thanks to a bit of patient antiquing and this past weekend’s visit to Mill Valley’s SummerHouse, my sparkly toys are safely housed and easily browsed.

I scored this varnished pine tabletop hutch from England at Sonoma Country Antiques a couple of months ago. I love its look and how the drawers both house and display my accessories.

I couldn’t believe no one else had snagged this much smaller but adorable and versatile mirrored piece from India at SummerHouse. At $68, to boot. Score.