Big Eating in the Big Easy

Given the tremendous charm I hold for the South, it's a shock I hadn't visited New Orleans until now. The trip was to be punctuated with yet another half marathon, but the remains of a hacking cough derailed these plans. Nonetheless, we got a hefty taste of the town's culture & cuisine.

Running Through the Yucatán

We continued our global half marathon expansion with Rock 'n' Roll's first annual run in Mérida. The Yucatán capital boasts Mayan, Spanish, French, British and Dutch influence, as well as the highest percentage of indigenous population of any large Mexican city.

#BackToSchool: Deep Dish Edition

I'd talked about life BS - Before School - in the past, but I had no idea how quickly the pre- and post- periods would differ so drastically until I got onto my plane last Saturday to return to California. I was in Chicago to start my Masters program for all of 8 nights and feel reinvigorated, inspired and humbled.