Tomales Bay, Take 2: Just As Good

My dear friend from college visited this past weekend from San Diego. I sold her on basically repeating exactly the weekend experience my brother and I had a few months ago. She obliged, and it was awesome. On the itinerary: oysters at Nick's Cove, wine tasting at Gloria Ferrer in Sonoma and a beautiful hike through Lands End near my house in San Francisco.

Paso Robles: High & Dry

Grateful to have spent the weekend in Central Valley’s wine country with 3 of my closest girlfriends. Can’t lie, I was slightly uneasy going into a weekend of wine and delicious food while on my sober/Paleo stretch. I was determined to stay true and proudly stayed on track! Plus, in the end, I went for the real soul food: QT with my hetero life partners, gorgeous scenery and sinking into a comfy bed for 10 hours each night.