Nashville: The Culinary Dreams Edition

Dan Auerbach did a piece with Bon Appetit about the burgeoning culinary scene in Nashville. I trust Dan and took furious notes watching this video. Sadly, we hardly cracked the list of recos this past weekend, but we hardly went hungry.

We eased right into comfort with a late lunch at The Southern. The menu alone whetted my appetite for local brews and bourbon. The blue points were amazing, but this Jack Daniel’s-infused chocolate cake WON.

The ladies of MODA urged us to satisfy post-retail therapy replenishment at Edley’s, Nashville’s self-proclaimed “tribute to all things southern.” Owners Will Newman and his wife, Catharine, delivered. We paired the brisket sandwich with a turkey salad and the obligatory greens and slaw. The milk stout from Left Hand Brewing stole our hearts, and we topped off the meal by losing our collective bushwacker virginity (I spiked mine with mint - YUM).

I’d visited Husk in Charleston in January and had no idea (James Beard Award-winning chef) Sean Brock doubled down on this endeavor with a Nashville location, as well. What a treat. We followed an inspiring morning service at the Belmont Church with brunch comprising:

  • Two Da Dou cocktails (rum, fresh citrus, orgeat, ginger, bitters)
  • Homemade biscuits and gravy that stole our hearts
  • Pork chop sandwich on more biscuit and with more gravy
  • Shrimp grits with broth and egg yolk that, mixed together, proved a taste of heaven
  • French toast with baked apple

< stomach growling > Excuse me while I grab some lunch.