Southern Tour 2014: Atlanta, Savannah, Charleston

Before I realized how much love my SkyMiles account would end up getting this year, thanks to work travel and weekend getaways with friends, I planned a faux-road trip with one of my best friends. I’ve long had a love for the South - something about the charm, the balmy nights, the manners and tradition. I love feeling the history. So, we met in Atlanta, hopped into our Dodge Durango rental and headed for Savannah.

A Taste of Austin

Everyone LOVES Austin. I had the pleasure of visiting Texas’s “Weird City" for work and of course budgeted time for a few must-sees/-dos. I can see the city’s appeal - it’s a great mix of southern charm and a progressive culture.

Napa Valley: Introducing Cairdean Estate

At the inaugural Bottlerock in 2013, we met the gracious owner of the then-budding Cairdean Vineyards. We were trying to escape Napa’s heat in one of the many wine tents throughout the festival grounds and landed at a table with Cairdean, sipping their delish rosé.

Ed took the best care of us and quickly turned us onto his wines. He and his wife had been in the process of developing their St. Helena-based winery, which opened this past spring, for several years. We attended the assistant winemaker’s wedding this past June, which was the first event to be set at Cairdean prior to its general opening.