Desert Desire: Arizona

I’ve always enjoyed my jaunts to Vegas and Palm Springs, but in the past few months I’ve sprouted a random fascination with the desert. It started last fall, when I ran a half marathon along the Las Vegas strip at sunset. Obviously, the strip is typically sheer chaos - but on this evening, it was completely different, totally shut down for tens of thousands of runners. It was a different kind of chaos. Running through Downtown Vegas, the desert’s eerie stillness really punched me in the face. For me, even amidst Vegas’s 24/7 action, the desert stillness persists.

A few months later, I did another run, this time through Phoenix, Scottsdale and Tucson. The charm deepened…

Crush the Desert: Palm Springs 2014

Time with my girlfriends nourishes my soul. Whether it’s HH, a weekend away or true vacay, my friends give me energy and inspiration. This past weekend we invaded the desert, from the oasis that is the Sparrows Hotel to a beautiful, 3-bedroom home I secured through Airbnb.

While the 100-degree heat challenged any will to explore or actually DO stuff, we made up for the inertia with plenty of sun, bubbles and straight real talk.