Hong Kong: The Cozy City

I hadn't been to Asia until 2014, when I went to Japan with my baby friend, Mark. Since then, I've visited Indonesia, traveled through several countries and spent a week in Hong Kong, where my final international stint of grad school landed me. (It's worth saying I'm hooked on Asia - I've already told my university I'm completing next summer quarter in HK, tacking on Singapore and, perhaps, Cambodia.)

Nocturnal London

I'm no night owl, but my time in London is as close as I've come in recent years to spending more time outside, out and about, at night than during the day. This is because over the course of the past week, I've spent my hours between my grad school's campus in London and the hotel.

#BackToSchool: Deep Dish Edition

I'd talked about life BS - Before School - in the past, but I had no idea how quickly the pre- and post- periods would differ so drastically until I got onto my plane last Saturday to return to California. I was in Chicago to start my Masters program for all of 8 nights and feel reinvigorated, inspired and humbled.