Marin Under Wraps

Sooo I resisted NorCal pretty hardcore when I moved back to San Francisco after 6 years in LA. The 70-degree, pool-ridden mecca's allure hadn't yet faded for me. As a result, I wasted a lot of time my first year back, traveling back to LA often and thus missing out on the Bay Area's many adventures and explorations. One of these is Nick's Cove, a collection of shabby chic yet luxuriously furnished and equipped cottages right along Tomales Bay. My friend, Christie, first told me about this gem - so I decided to escape for the weekend with brother and Bear in tow.

Suburban Safari: Mill Valley

My friends know I’m a country-living-craving gal living a city lifestyle in a great town. Since moving back to San Francisco, I’ve tried to temper my desire to pick up and leave for Charleston with frequent visits and ardent exploration of the Bay Area’s suburban gems. After being inspired by Coastal Living’sfeature on the town in its March 2014 issue, I spent a few hours this past weekend in Mill Valley.

The verdict? Both CL and SF Gate have it right. Mill Valley’s charm is undeniable, with an adorable “town center” and shopping to boot.