Running Through the Yucatán

We continued our global half marathon expansion with Rock 'n' Roll's first annual run in Mérida. The Yucatán capital boasts Mayan, Spanish, French, British and Dutch influence, as well as the highest percentage of indigenous population of any large Mexican city.

Nayarit, Mexico

Three of my closest girlfriends and I rented a place in Sayulita over a (long) Labor Day weekend. We found a gem of a house through Airbnb and were floored with our lodging sitch. That weekend was the ultimate girl talk/bonding/giggling/tequila-drenched bundle of days we all needed at that point in time. Thanks to help from friends who’d visited this Nayarit-state town and our exceptional Airbnb hosts, we were primed with what we must do during our time in this majestic place.