Running Through Mile-High City

I dragged my bro to Denver for my fourth half marathon in 2014. Well, the Denver part didn't require much coaxing, but the running part did. Either way, we both did great (elevation aside!) and also had a blast exploring this super hip mountain town.

Desert Desire: Arizona

I’ve always enjoyed my jaunts to Vegas and Palm Springs, but in the past few months I’ve sprouted a random fascination with the desert. It started last fall, when I ran a half marathon along the Las Vegas strip at sunset. Obviously, the strip is typically sheer chaos - but on this evening, it was completely different, totally shut down for tens of thousands of runners. It was a different kind of chaos. Running through Downtown Vegas, the desert’s eerie stillness really punched me in the face. For me, even amidst Vegas’s 24/7 action, the desert stillness persists.

A few months later, I did another run, this time through Phoenix, Scottsdale and Tucson. The charm deepened…

Running Montreal

I’d never visited French Canada and had the opportunity to explore beautiful Montreal last fall for a half marathon. (I love using running as an excuse to travel.) My childhood friend, Mark, and I stayed at Hotel Gault, a boutique hotel in Old Montreal. Montreal definitely felt French to me, although I’ve heard of contentious comparisons between the Parisian and local accents :)