Icelandic Heat

Mid summer 2016, I transferred to take my MBA courses in London versus in Chicago. While I did it to consolidate my travel for school, this also meant great ease with which to tack on all sorts of travel to school weeks. Seeing the northern lights in Iceland had been a bucket list item for some time, so when my dear friend Allison suggested a girl trip to Iceland, I was IN.

Belizean Bliss

In the midst of an insane summer work travel schedule, hopping over to the Caribbean seemed a backwards choice. I had hardly gone longer than 48 hours without repacking my Rimowa, and my body no longer reacted to time zone changes. My trip to Belize with BFF Emily ended up being the most invigorating, relaxing, eye-opening one I'd ever taken.

Hong Kong: The Cozy City

I hadn't been to Asia until 2014, when I went to Japan with my baby friend, Mark. Since then, I've visited Indonesia, traveled through several countries and spent a week in Hong Kong, where my final international stint of grad school landed me. (It's worth saying I'm hooked on Asia - I've already told my university I'm completing next summer quarter in HK, tacking on Singapore and, perhaps, Cambodia.)