Weekend Inspiration: Clement Street Crawl

The part of SF in which I grew up and also currently live was not historically a destination unless you were on the hunt for fresh seafood, eastern spices or quality dim sum. Over the past 5+ years, however, the Outside Lands neighborhood has evolved to include a number of popular restaurants (ahem, Aziza and Burma Superstar), city hiking with views to boot and a generally more easily livable day-to-day pace (garage AND street parking? Get outta here).

My C2 this weekend (cruise) consisted of a walking through my ‘hood to uncover its gems. Boy, did it deliver.

Enter Aroma Tea Shop at the corner of Clement at 6th. This loose leaf tea lover’s heaven offers tastings and a variety of teas, from oolong to rooibos.

If I didn’t have the excuse of an existing Japanese cast iron teapot from Teavana, I would’ve been in trouble (or saved, I suppose).

Just a few blocks east is Seedstore, a single-location (for now) boutique owned by two sisters. Open since 2010, this hip, charming shop carries staples such as Pendleton,Penfield and DL1961 and a variety of sweet accessories.

Seedstore’s creative displays and cushy leather seating made me want to hang out for hours. Janet Jackon’s “janet" in the background didn’t hurt.

I love a boutique that caters to both genders. I will definitely return to Seedstore for guys’ gifts.

Beer and whiskey?! A stop for after the 49-day detox!

Sucker for a real bookstore.

Heartbaker: another stop for AFTER the detox, since the food and bar look too fun not to pair.